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Here's What Our Members Are Saying

"I have lost over 100 lbs. on the Healthy Expectations program, and I've kept it off now for almost a year. It feels great to be back in my family’s lives again because for so many years due to my weight I was excluded from fun activities. Not anymore! I refuse to surrender my life and happiness with my family for food. I would never have been able to do this without Silhouettes!”
- Tina Williams

“Before I came to Silhouettes I was considering gastric bypass surgery because every diet I tried didn’t work. I am so glad I decided to try the Healthy Expectations program at Silhouettes. I have lost over 70 pounds so far, and I couldn’t be happier. The program and staff are wonderful!”
- Megan Smith

“I’m so glad I joined Silhouettes. I have lost over 40 lbs., and I really enjoy the family-like atmosphere. From the first day I stepped in the club I could tell that you really cared about me. Thank you so much for being such an important part of my life!"
- Marge Foor

"I am so glad I switched to Silhouettes. I just wasn't getting results at the other place I was going to. I have lost 15 pounds of body fat in only 3 weeks and I am feeling great. I feel better than I have in years. Silhouettes has more variety, more effective equipment, an excellent diet program, and a mature, friendly professional staff. If I can do it you can too.. Hope to see you there."
- Debbie A.

"Finding Silhouettes for Women has opened a whole new chapter in my life. In the past nine months, I've lost over 50 pounds but, more importantly, I feel 10 years younger. With the combination of exercise and a healthy diet plan, I am in much better condition and much more active than I thought I would ever be again! The investment of just a few hours each week has certainly paid off."
- Sue Heil

"Silhouettes for Women is #1 to me! I lost a total of 17 lbs of body fat so far. I look and feel great about myself again, and even my doctor says I'm healthier now. The atmosphere at the club is bright and cheerful, and all of the members are friendly. I feel like part of a family, not just another member. The staff are on a first name basis with all of their members, and they give you the one-on-one attention you need to stay focused and consistent with your workout. I actually look forward to working out. Why? Because it's fun and you get results. My only regret is that I did not join sooner."
- Linda Zuniga

"I have been a member at Silhouettes for Women for over TWO YEARS and have enjoyed every minute of it! When I first came I had a coupon for an entire week free. However, I signed up after the very first day; I knew as soon as I met the staff and saw the equipment that I wanted to join. Everyone at the club is great to exercise with, and fun to talk with as well. I have toned my whole body and lost 10 pounds while doing it."
- Diana Kinnear

"I am so glad I joined Silhouettes for Women. I’ve lost pounds of fat but in only 3 months, I have also lowered my cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and now my doctor has reduced my medication. If you’re on the fence, you really should try Silhouettes for Women. The staff is so nice and supportive, and they are always there to help you. The members are great too. Regardless of your weight, you will feel at home. If I can do it – you can too! Hope to meet you there."
- Cindy Austin

"I have been a member for almost 2 years now and I just love coming to Silhouettes for Women. I have lost inches and just feel wonderful. The club is always spotless and looks so nice. The staff is very friendly and caring, and the other members are loads of fun!"
- Liz Hodges

"Joining Silhouettes for Women has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I lowered my cholesterol 35 points without medication and went down 3 pant sizes. I look and feel so much better! What I really like about Silhouettes for Women is their emphasis on getting healthy. Silhouettes really cares about their members. Everyone is so nice. I felt comfortable right away."
- Debbie Brotzman

"Silhouettes for Women is friendly, friendly, friendly! Everyone including the staff and members are so nice and supportive. I feel so much better after having worked out. It's a great investment in yourself."
- Joyce Achatz

"I've been working out at Sihouettes for Women for over a year, and I feel so much better now. It's great for stress too! It's really nice to talk with the other members while working out. Everyone is friendly and it's nice to compare notes."
- Gwen Calas

"I've lost 5 pounds and I am more flexible in my arms and legs. My balance has improved along with my stamina. The atmosphere is comfortable and the staff is very helpful and friendly."
- Marie Schehlein

"I really didn't need to lose weight but I had to get more active. I am so glad I did. I now have more energy, sleep better, and feel better overall. I enjoy going to Silhouettes for Women. They have a great location and the people are friendly."
- Dee Brush

"Silhouettes for Women is a friendly environment where the staff is always pleasant and helpful. There is a large variety of women (shapes and sizes) who work out which makes is really easy to fit in. I like this gym because of the circuit setup. It helps with discipline and allows me to work on my entire body."
- Kim Scelsi

"I myself have felt a lot better since I've been working out at Sihouettes for Women, and I've gotten results with my weight. Also, it is a friendly atmosphere with all of the friendly women who come in. I've gone to some of the nutrition and weight loss classes and they help alot. Everything is great and I have no complaints."
- Cindy Hinkleman

"Exercise does the body Good! I never really realized this until I joined Silhouettes for Women. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. They are supportive in trying to encourage you because there are times you don't want to exercise! But you realize after you lose inches & pounds, it's worth the effort. The members are fun to exercise with too, and we all realize we are in this together."
- Jewel Zarbos

"I had always found health clubs and equipment intimidating. I don't feel that way about Silhouettes for Women. The circuit is easy to follow and the staff is always available to assist you. I also love the flexibility of being able to work out when it is convenient for me. Scheduled exercises were always difficult for me to attend because of my work hours. More importantly, I feel better and have more energy since I started to work out."
- Kathie Di Noto

"From the first day that I came, I really enjoyed the workout. Everyone is so friendly. I especially like the nutrition and orientation classes I sat in on. There was a lot of information given and it made me feel like I can really do this. I've been coming for ten months and it has really helped me with the condition I have with my foot. I am walking better now PLUS my clothes are becoming looser. But most of all, the staff and atmosphere is GREAT!"
- Irene Ushry

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